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Healthy Communication: Giving & Receiving Feedback 

What does it take to be a person who promotes the giving and receiving of feedback?  For that small percentage of “difficult” conversations, having a framework for the giving and receiving of feedback brings a lot of health into our interpersonal relationships – yet it’s the part we most often avoid. 

In this course, you’ll learn the framework to improve how you can provide critical or positive feedback, as well as how you can receive feedback with grace and openness. 

To get the most from this course: 

  • Download the editable course workbook here. You can type in this PDF, or print it out. 
  • Watch the teaching videos with Tim in order 
  • Engage with the exercises using your workbook 

Reflection questions:

  1. What’s the hardest part for you about GIVING FEEDBACK? 
    • Don’t want to hurt the person’s feelings
    • I don’t know what to say
    • Hard to share across levels
    • I don’t know if I should keep it to myself
    • Other ____________________
  2. What’s the hardest part for you about RECEIVING FEEDBACK? 
    • I don’t trust the person giving it to me
    • I don’t have time or am not ready to hear it
    • It is vague or unclear
    • It’s about me personally
    • Other ____________________
  • What do you hope to achieve by completing this course?

Course materials:

Editable course workbook